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Saturday October 28, 2017. Yes the entire Subspace Team is back on board to produce this special Halloween Event! The sexy darkness of the Opera House will continue to host the annual Subspace Halloween Ball. We are so Excited! 

Do you like to Bite??? Maybe you like to get bitten... this fetish is called Odaxelagnia...

Odaxelagnia is a paraphilia involving sexual arousal through biting, or being bitten. Odaxelagnia is considered a mild form of sadism. Alfred Kinsey studied Odaxelagnia, reporting that roughly half of all people surveyed had experienced sexual arousal from biting. Odaxelagnia has associations with vampire lifestyles, but does not necessarily involve bloodletting [WIKIPEDIA]

The night creatures that seems to do this best, the Vampire.

Vampire lifestyle is a term for a contemporary subculture of people, largely within the Goth subculture, who consume the blood of others as a pastime; but also incorporates some elements of the sadomasochism subculture. Drawing from the rich recent history of popular culture related to cult symbolism, horror films, the fiction of Anne Rice, and the styles of Victorian England. Active vampirism within the vampire subculture includes both blood-related vampirism, commonly referred to as sanguine vampirism, and psychic vampirism, or supposed feeding from pranic energy; Bloodletting.

Bloodletting term is the withdrawal of blood from a patient to 'cure them', but modern bloodletting, cutting, or 'biting to break skin' is still done to provide relief of intense feelings, release euphoric endorphins, and/or sexual arousal. 


Performing: MINETA !!!! 

If Cirque du Soleil f*cked a rock band this is their baby: A Fire Breathing, freak show-weaving, rock n’ roll extravaganza. Drummer’s on fire, nails in the head, death defying stunts. Restless performance by four world class circus performers with a healthy dose of sideshow. A unique brand of heavy music. In other words, exactly what you didn’t know you’re looking for: CIRCUS PARTY METAL
Performers TBA

SPONSOR: Kink Toronto
A brand spankin' new boutique (get it? spankin') with a special focus on artisanal BDSM gear and premium sex toys

Kinky Costumes, (Yes partial nudity is permitted at this event) - be respectful to those in kinky costumes; we have added staff to make sure. 

Join Toronto’s fetish community and Stomp the night away with the cool beats of DJ Saucy Miso and DJ Warmuffin!

leather, latex, fur, cosplay, kinky, near-nude, zombie, stripper, burner, glow stick, porn star, movie star, time period, horror, naughty nurse / dirty doctor, kinky uniforms, ALL THE THINGS!!!
Fetish attire/ Mandatory costume rule in effect for the city’s sexiest scary party of the season. We'll show you why Subspace throws the most notorious Halloween party around!

DJ Saucy Miso!!!!
DJ Warmuffin!!!!

Saturday October 28, 2017


TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: purchase/event/1517499

General Admin $20
VIP: $100
At Door: $20 before midnight, $30 after

TICKET RESERVATION: email with # & name for list.
Advance registration guarantees event access.

-access to upper floor private lounge and play area
-private coat check, free
-Food tables done in style!!
-lounge seating areas
-access to private bar
-separate dungeon play area

Doors 10:00pm

The Opera House
735 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ontario M4M 1H1
Doors 10:00
Fetish/Costume Mandatory
Dungeon Rules posted in Dungeon or ask to speak with the ChiefDM

FACEBOOK GROUP: groups/subspaceFetishNight
FET LIFE GROUP: groups/2615

Subspace Dungeon Play Parties are weekly and all info can be found on FetLife here: groups/20318

Want to be a Vendor?
For Information please contact:



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This Toronto alternative lifestyle monthly bash is your answer to all things fetish, kink, body-mod and BDSM. A provocative combination of dancing, socializing and serious play.

The dungeon areas feature top notch equipment in a welcoming and supervised environment. The large dance room features the fantastic sounds of one of Toronto’s finest

Fetish Attire Mandatory (leather, PVC, latex, uniform except camo, wet look, uber goth, formal, lingerie, rubber)